Coaching Mastery Course Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course about?

The Coaching Mastery Course is a 6-month, hands-on program to develop mastery of skills, confidence, and self-awareness as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Students will learn how to improve their practice and up their coaching game by sharpening and expanding their skills, overcoming limiting personal beliefs and barriers, and applying theories of psychology, coaching, and counseling to better understand the forces that shape and influence human behavior.

This is accomplished through cutting-edge curriculum, real-life practice, self-reflection, and skill building assignments that require students to apply coaching psychology concepts and reflect upon their beliefs about self, others, and the world around them.

When does the next course start?

The next course starts on November 26, 2018.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling?

The Coaching Mastery Course is open to any IIN graduate or student currently in the Health Coach Training Program.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this course?

The more you put into this course, the more you will get out of it. Content is divided into modules that are released every 2 weeks. Each module takes about 4 hours to complete, so plan to dedicate 2 hours, minimum, per week to this course.

This includes time spent watching video lectures, completing skill building activities, and spending time holding real or practice sessions to implement and sharpen your coaching skills. In addition, we recommend that you regularly connect with your moderators and classmates in the course Facebook group, joining in the discussions and asking questions.

The main factors that will affect your time commitment are how much time you devote to coaching clients (or practicing with a partner) and how much you choose to participate in discussions with the moderators and student community throughout the course.

I’m not currently seeing any clients. How am I supposed to practice my skills?

Don’t worry! If you’re seeing clients and can use your sessions as opportunities to apply and practice what you learn – that’s great! If you don’t have paying clients, you can still get the same benefit by recruiting friends and colleagues as unpaid practice clients. Who knows, maybe one will even sign with you!

Another thing we strongly recommend—even if you have paying clients—is pairing up with a fellow student as coaching practice partners during the course. To find a practice partner, simply post in your course’s private Facebook group that you’re looking for one. You can connect by phone, videoconference, or even in person if you live near each other. Then you can take turns holding practice sessions as coach and client. An added bonus here is that you get to experience coaching from the client’s perspective. And getting feedback from another student in the course? Priceless!

Is the course completely online?

Yes. Similar to the Health Coach Training Program, the Coaching Mastery Course is entirely online. It consists of a combination of videos, handouts, homework assignments, and daily moderated discussions on Facebook. If you like the feel of pen and paper while you work, the handouts are available to download and print.

How is this different than the Health Coach Training Program?

The Health Coach Training Program has a strong emphasis on nutrition, as well as business, in addition to coaching and personal development.

The Coaching Mastery Course focuses solely on coaching and personal growth. It builds on the basic knowledge of coaching skills that you learned in the Health Coach Training Program, and takes it much deeper.

This advanced-level offering breaks down coaching psychology, offering you the opportunity to learn how to support your clients to grow in profound ways, help guide them when they’re stuck or resistant, and understand why this happens. You’ll also apply these concepts to yourself, giving you the opportunity to master “walking your talk.”

How is this different than the IIN Advanced Business Course?

The IIN Advanced Business Course focuses on advanced concepts for growing your coaching business, including topics like target market, money mindset, lead generation, social media, and sales.

The Coaching Mastery Course focuses on coaching psychology and how to work more effectively with clients. Core concepts include building rapport, supporting clients who feel stuck, multicultural competence, shifting beliefs, and working through difficult emotions. There is a strong emphasis on self-growth and active practice. If you want to create deeper connections with your clients and with yourself and understand the psychology behind why people do what they do, you’ll love this course!

I work with a partner who is also an IIN Graduate. Can we join together, share the materials, and split the cost of tuition?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a shared tuition at this time. Both you and your colleague will each need to pay tuition.

What if I haven’t started coaching yet? Can I still take this course?

Yes! In this course, we encourage you to get out there and start practicing your skills right away—even if you’ve never had a paid client before or if you’re just starting out practicing with your fellow students. As long as you’re a graduate of IIN or a current student, you’ll have enough foundational information to understand the material and start putting yourself out there!

I used to have a coaching business, but haven’t done anything with it in a long time. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! If you’ve been out of practice for whatever reason—whether life has taken you in a different direction, other priorities have come up for you, or you’ve been letting your fears get in the way of the coaching business you dream of—this course is for you!

The content in the Coaching Mastery Course is straightforward, uses practical examples, and builds on the core concepts you learned in your Health Coach Training Program. So if you’ve got the commitment, we’ll get you back into your coaching business in no time.

Who teaches this course? Are there teachers other than Joshua?

The curriculum for the Coaching Mastery Course was written and developed by Joshua, expert coaches, our resident mental health expert, and IIN’s rockstar education team. Your education is rounded out by Visiting Teachers who are experts in the field, including Dave Buck, CEO of CoachVille.

Is this course strictly for Health Coaches?

No, not strictly. We explain concepts and skills throughout the course using health coaching scenarios as examples to deliver the information in the most applicable way possible. But really, at the core, all of the concepts we teach in this course apply to any type of coaching.

This course builds off of themes you learned in the Health Coach Training Program, but if your career path has led you to life coaching, business coaching, or relationship coaching, for example, you’ll still benefit from the material covered in this course.

Does this course certify me to work in the fields of psychology or counseling?

No! We want to make it very clear that this course teaches some theoretical concepts grounded in psychology and counseling to provide a framework for understanding the clients that you’ll coach, but it in no way certifies or permits you to work with anyone in any type of psychological or counseling capacity.

Your scope of practice as a result of taking this course will remain the same as it already does for an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach; the difference being that you’ll have much more depth and skill within the bounds of your practice. Which is awesome!

Does this course count as credits toward a psychology or counseling degree?

Again, no. While you’ll walk away with a much better understanding of why people think and behave in the ways that they do, this course will not professionally prepare you for a career in psychology or counseling. This also means that it will not count as credits toward any higher education degree or continuing education program.

I have a degree in psychology/counseling/social work. Will I benefit from taking this course?

Definitely! You’ll likely recognize and have an understanding of many of the concepts in this course. That doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of it. In fact, since you already have a foundational education in human behavior, you’ll be primed for this material. This course will help you integrate your knowledge of coaching together with your knowledge of human behavior, resulting in a whole new level of depth and reflection.

I’ve already taken a bunch of online coach trainings, and I’m looking for something different. Will this course be worth it for me?

In one word: YES!

Consider this: the Coaching Mastery Course is designed exclusively for graduates of IIN’s Health Coach Training Program. For that reason alone, you can expect a level of support that other coach trainings can’t possibly match. Joshua’s 25 years of experience as a pioneer in the industry—plus his incredible mentoring and support—are what make this curriculum different, AND ensure students are getting the most out of their experience.

A major premise of our teaching in this course is that you already have EVERYTHING it takes to be a great coach. This means that we believe in you from the bottom of hearts—and we’re committed to supporting you and seeing you grow, every step of the way.

Throughout the course, you’ll receive personalized support from IIN moderators and coaching experts in our private Facebook group! They’ll be reviewing and posting to the group every day, answering questions and providing feedback and support so you never stay stuck.

Will this course be graded?

Students are required to get a score of 70 or higher on both exams in order to graduate. Beyond that, there are no grades in this course.

This is a self-growth, experiential program. We don’t believe you can assign a numeric value to personal development or coaching. It’s up to you, as the student, to honestly evaluate yourself and your progress. If you’re making gains, you’ll know it. If you’re not, this is an opportunity to reflect on what’s holding you back.

How will I know how I’m doing in the course?

There are two tests—one at the midpoint if the course and one at the end — that will give you a good read on your progress. Plus, if you team up with a coaching practice partner you can just ask! And of course, you’ll see how well you’re applying what you learn by the results you’re seeing and feeling in your personal development and in your interactions with clients.

What do I get when I complete the program? Is there a certificate or does my title change?

At the end of the program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge to publicly showcase your education. Because the course does not alter your scope of practice, your title won’t change.

Will I receive any continuing education credits for completing this program?

At this time, we are not able to offer NCCRS credits. This is something we hope to be able to offer in the future. If and when any developments occur and we are able to offer credits for this course, we’ll be certain to let you know!

What costs can I anticipate beyond tuition?

IIN’s goal is to support you in expanding your business without spending a lot of money. Aside from your tuition, there are no additional costs to this program beyond your personal business decisions to invest in technology or services that will help you grow your practice.

What technology do I need in order to take this course?

We offer the course on our Learning Center platform, accessible from a desktop browser or a mobile app (or both)! We’ll provide you with all the information you need to set up your Learning Center account when you enroll. More good news: You can access the course on most devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), as long as they support Facebook.

How much is tuition? Is there a payment plan option?

Tuition is $995 if you decide to pay in full at the time of registration. But if you’d like to pay your tuition in installments, IIN offers two payment plans (which add on a small administrative fee). For the 2-pay option, you’ll pay $550 at the time of enrollment, and make your second and final payment of $550 within 2 months of the date you enroll. For the 3-pay option, you’re responsible to pay $375 when you enroll. We process your second payment of $375 2 months after the date you enroll, and the third and final payment of $375 2 months after the second payment.

OK, my questions are answered, and I’m ready to sign up. What do I do next?

Awesome! We’re excited for you to join us! Head on over to www.CoachingMasteryCourse.com to sign up or join the waitlist for the next course!

If I have further questions or need assistance, whom should I contact?

Send an email to support@coachingmasterycourse.com. A member of our Student Success team will get back to you very shortly!

Thanks for considering the IIN Coaching Mastery Course!